Hotel which Asahi burns

Luring fire that is the innumerable at night when the shining morning sun, star fall. We right invite to the world of fantasy.


All Wi-Fi guest room connection is possible!
Please enjoy the Internet with your terminal equipment.


We aim at cooking to be able to taste only in Ryotsu and firewood hotel to value season, and to be able to taste only in Sado. We think that we want you to feel with happy time when even one wants smile to become many visitors through dish.

Akitsu hot spring

It is located in entrance Ryotsu of Sado and can look at Ryotsu Port, Lake Kamo from large communal bath from hill.
Akitsu hot spring is weak alkali spring hypotonicity alkalescent spring [spring quality]
[effect] warm temperature effect muscular pain rheumatism, neurotic disorder
We come for smooth o actual feeling of skin at moment when we entered.



Time that passes calmly

It is located on 45km, hill from 2km, Ogi Port from Ryotsu Port

Scenic spot of the Shimauchi best.

We promise detached room, slow 1:00 from busy daily life.