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Sunday, August 26 Kamo Shinto shrine night ability


Night ability of venerable Kamo Shrine noh stage

Noh stage left in former Hatanomachi alone is Kamo Shrine noh stage. At place of venerable act ability said to be "ability ground of country relation four place", ability is held at night by local Hatano Noh club "Kazuha society" sponsorship. As well as program of ability, everyday study is shown in presentation forms such as maiodoshiko, single percussive accompaniment one pipe.

Date August 26, 2018
Time 18:30 ...
Site Kamo Shrine noh stage (Kurinoe, Sado-shi)
Address 〒 952-0202 Kurinoe, Sado-shi, Niigata
Inquiry 0259-27-5000 (general Sado sightseeing interchange mechanism)
Rate for free
It is approximately 30 minutes by car from traffic guidance Ryotsu Port
Program undecided
We may change remarks ◎ program by circumstances. Venue may be changed in case of rain. Please contact the secretariat.