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Sunday, August 19 Zeami memorial service festival


Zeami memorial service and dedication dance

Memorial service and dedication dance are carried out in remembrance of Zeami done banishment to an island by Sado. Sutra-chanting and incense-burner by representative are carried out in before scene, and ability is danced following singing a No song without accompaniment, the end afterwards. Participation of actor from not only Sado but also the island outside is seen in Buddhist memorial service of Zeami said to be person of completion of ability, too.

Date August 19, 2018
Time 10:30 ...
Site Kanai noh theater (Nakaoki, Sado-shi)
Address 〒 952-1211 Nakaoki, Sado-shi, Niigata former 371
Inquiry 0259-27-5000 (general Sado sightseeing interchange mechanism)
Rate for free
It is approximately 20 minutes by car from traffic guidance Ryotsu Port
Program undecided
We may change remarks ◎ program by circumstances.