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Thursday, August 16 Kasuga Shinto shrine noh stage performance


Ground celebration annual bonfire noh performance

It is play Bent of ground celebration 2018.

It is said banishment to an island Zeami who is person of completion of ability, and 1/3 of noh stage in Japan concentrates on Sado having the history that acted as first generation Sado prefect prefect from noh player. Ability is prosperous nature of the locality so as to be unique in Japan. We hold annual bonfire noh performance this year every year.


Date August 16, 2018
Time 19:00 ...
Site Kasuga Shrine noh stage (Aikawaoritomura, Sado-shi)
Address 〒 952-1582 412, Aikawaoritomura, Sado-shi, Niigata
Inquiry 0259-27-5000 (general Sado sightseeing interchange mechanism)
Rate adult 3,000 yen / primary, middle and high schools straight 1,500 yen
It is approximately 50 minutes by car from traffic guidance Ryotsu Port
Program ability "bridge formidable man" Noh comedy "master craftsman of Buddhist image" interpretive dance "THE KUMANO"
We may change remarks ◎ program by circumstances. Venue may be changed in case of rain. Please contact the secretariat.