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Dining Dish


We aim at the first cooking in Sado.
We used ingredients of Sado abundantly and prepared for meal to be able to have only with Ryotsu and firewood.

We think that we can help with special day. We accept birthday cakes. As you cope as much as possible, you feel free to contact, and please be used to be able to measure up to hope of visitor.

※Menu varies according to plan.
※Menu varies according to the seasonal stock situation.

Food allergy supports, too. Please talk.

One piece of article menu

We expanded yamakideha one piece of article menu.


・Seasonal products of the district fish sashimi assortment
・Tempura assortment
・Height of queen crab figure
・We include sushi
・Hors d'oeuvre
・Mountain comes; popular pan

One piece of article menu

・Sado beef sukiyaki hotpot
・Sado beef shabu-shabu shabu-shabu hotpot
・Sado Takoshabu shabu-shabu hotpot
※ Sado beef addition
・Sado Haibao boiled pot rice
・Fruit assortment
・The desert height

One piece of article menu

Please refer for the following beforehand.


・Live black abalone dance grill or structure
・Seasoned grilled live Sazae or structure
・Boiled fish of seasonal products of the district fish
・Virginity live prawns assortment
・Squid figure
・Sado beef steak

Rice using in our hotel is "Koshihikari from Sado"!

Our hotel contracts with local farming family and provides Koshihikari from Sado.

Place where Koshihikari is made is place called "Onogo".

With Onogo, it is in the foot of crowd of Wataru Osa whom wild Japanese crested ibises inhabited, Niiboono district.

It is Koshihikari made in place where Japanese crested ibis lives in when there is freed birds place of Japanese crested ibis in the neighborhood now.

Char, a kind of trout, sweetfishs inhabit, and mealy primrose or wild cherry tree of the early spring bloom in the mountains again, and the Ono River quenching Onogo is volost that can enjoy seasonal scenery.


Rice "Koshihikari" of Onogo that is delicious by reliable security

Using manure that we reduce chemical fertilizer, 50% of pesticides in comparison with conventional custom cultivation, and machine is with existence

We cultivate.

Small sana which becomes bait of frog and Japanese crested ibis including loach aiming at the making of rice which can coexist with Japanese crested ibis

We make environment of rice field where creature can live in.

It is rice "Koshihikari" which is delicious by reliable security that is kind to both person and Japanese crested ibis.


We praise highly at the front desk and are selling!

We prepare with 300 g (2 go), 450 g (3 go) and sell at the front desk!

We have you say to visitor, "rice of meal was delicious!", and there is many as souvenir

We have no all of you win.

As price is handy, and it prepares, please buy!


Food allergy, a variety of food culture

We cope to learn about food allergy in all employees in our hotel, and to be able to eat without minding even food allergy.

We prepare for meal menu except them if you can tell our hotel about cause food of food allergy beforehand.

As we will enjoy trip to Sado, and allergic one makes every possible effort, please talk by all means.


A variety of food culture, eating habits

We act even as now when various countries have you come to to Japan and Sado, our hotel to cope with diverseness food culture and the eating habits.