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We take customer to the non-everyday world with big chandelier in lobby of colonnade.

Facility information


Total guest rooms : 92 rooms
The first floor : Lobby, the front desk, banquet room, stand, karaoke room, snack
The second floor : Large communal bath, banquet room, banquet venue, crystal, photograph studio, massage room, guest room
The third floor : Banquet room, banquet venue, guest room
... the ninth floor on the fourth floor : Guest room
Parking lot

: It is available in free of charge.

Wi-Fi       : It is available free in all the buildings.  


You can relax in large space.


In calm space, there are many exhibits, too.

As there is tea-ceremony room, you can feel splendor of Japan.



Approximately 80 accommodation. Let alone banquets, we have many people use as marriage ceremonial hall.

It becomes fitted with glass and can overlook Lake Kamo.

It is convention hall during spring

We can take up to 450 people. It is available in banquet or meeting.

Karaoke snack cafe

We are fully equipped with snack where is recommended to the second party. There is karaoke room of private room, too. As there is all-you-can-drink plan, please use.

We provide coffee in the morning.

※Reservation required


States collecting handling weaves thing not to be able to come across only in Sado.

Please drop in.


Ground plan

Ground plan

We prepare various banquet rooms, meeting rooms including large banquet room and 120-mat banquet room proud of 500 tatami in area. As you suggest to the number of people and use, please feel free to contact.