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We have visitor with "ogre drum" of specialty of Ryotsu and firewood hotel.

It is approximately eight minutes by car from doorway Ryotsu Port of Sado.
We get nervous for meeting if you can call.

Dish of hospitality

Dish using specialties of Sado, ingredients northeastern again go errand reconstruction assistance.
Please enjoy taste only in Sado to be able to taste only in Sado.

In addition, please talk as you accept cooking of memorial day and special day.

※Image is an example. It varies according to plan.

We are reliable for party of child

We set up child article to be available to family having small child in peace.
If there is necessary thing, we are happy if sorry for your inconvenience, but you can confirm over telephone.

※Photograph is an example.

Large communal bath

We set up high chair for elderly person in large communal bath.
In addition, chair, toy of child are prepared for child.

Folk song show, free class

We perform dance to be handed down to Sado including Sado this morning from half past 8 p.m. titled "folk song show".

We perform free class of Sado this morning afterwards.

We hand certificate to person who had you participate.
You learn one of baggage as few souvenir by all means, and please take to go.
※As there is day when we do not go depending on the date, sorry for your inconvenience, but please confirm you like over telephone.

British style reflexology

There is salon to be able to heal fatigue of trip to visitor in our hotel.

You can choose course that matched whole body and sole, each person's visitor including calf. Please use.

※As regular holiday varies according to time, please refer in detail.

Dispatch massage

National qualification qualified person calls to room and gives full-scale massage.

Please use professional massage slowly in room.

※As regular holiday varies according to time, please refer in detail.