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Hot water "of" Anju, King Zushi

Around the Eiho year. Feudal lord of Oshu 54 county, Iwaki Tadashi Hangan were carried away to purple country old by defamatory words (zangen) of a certain person. Wife and Anju, two children called King Zushi loved father, and, on the way to purple old, they were deceived in Naoetsu of Echigo by slave-trader, and mother was drained into Sado, and children have been sold to Tango.

Brother who arrived at Tango became slave of powerful family Japanese pepper tayu of Ishiura and was abused, but Buddhist altar Oumaru ran away from the mansion afterwards and we went up and we got favor of Master kampaku fruit and changed the right track and the name to the capital and we were ordered feudal lord of Tango and performed the emancipation of slaves. The right track that became feudal lord visited mother with Anju and went over to Sado and searched for many places of island. When Anju finally came with manservant to deer Nora, from the beach,


Anju koishiyahoyareho

King Zushi koishiyahoyareho

If thing which there is live becomes chicken

We doze off to put up without chasing


We heard song of bird scaring song in this. Anju and King Zushi who heard this,

"That must be voice of mother."

Aged blind old woman stood in front of poor hut when we looked for this.

It was mother who thought that this old woman could never meet.

Two people hold while shedding tears, and they arrive on seeing the completely changed appearance

"Mother! It is Anju! Mother! We cried saying it is King Zushi.


In old folk song of Sado,

Do not drink water in remote country place, deer Nora

3 times in day when poison flows


It is said that this is because tears which flowed out of invisible eyes of mother flowed in river,

Tears become pure water, and there is legend if the water is good for eyes.

We named hot spring of this hotel hot water "of" Anju, King Zushi for it.

Large communal bath

Large communal bath full of hot water from 1,500 meters below ground.
Rich hot water overflowing without a break wraps you up kindly.
We wait for customer at bathhouse of about the same area type with bath for men, bath for women.

Boric acid told to be good for eyes be included in ingredient of our hot spring with 37.2 mg in large quantities, and carotene acid said to that it is good is included a lot in undergoing medical treatment after the others operation and burn, dermatopathia.

There is such an effect and, let alone local all of you, uses from all of you out of the island widely.

We want to have you have you do hot water bath slowly and heal fatigue of trip, daily fatigue.


■Spring quality

Hydrogen salt hot spring alkaline hypotonicity hot spring

Chief ingredient: Sodium, chloride carbonic acid


Chronic woman's illness, rimauchi, neuralgia, stiff and painful shoulder of fifty years of age, house wound, feebleness child, exercise paralysis that we see, and nothing is heard after the fact chronicity dermatopathia

Open-air bath

We can look at moonlight and town light reflected in star-filled sky and Kamo ͡ lake at night with a few clouds.

We may come across figure that Japanese crested ibis flies in evening in morning if lucky.

We soak in spacious hot spring while enjoying scenery to be able to come across only in this hotel

We heal daily fatigue, and vitality to tomorrow, please.

※The use situation changes by season.


Various amenity and massage chairs, water purifiers are fully equipped with, too.
Please quench dry throat.